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Talking With Heroes Host Bob Calvert went to Iraq five times and Afghanistan 3 times from 2006 to 2011 with our troops to document on video with them about progress and positive stories that most of America has not been hearing a lot about. For the past three years Bob has been doing weekly audio programs with members of and soldiers with 3BCT 25ID.
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R4Alliance Connecting Programs to Better Serve U.S. Veterans

Talking With Heroes Host Bob Calvert speaks with William Potter, Vietnam Veteran and Founding Chairman of R4alliance talking about 32 months of R4Alliance success; from 8 founding members to almost 80 with operations in all 50 States.

Patriots-Path Provides Military to Civilian Career Transition Course

Talking with Heroes Host Bob Calvert discusses career coaching & job search support uniquely tailored for those who have served with Patriots-Path Director Noel McCall

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