Trump’s Wall: You Ready to Pay for It?

Punish Radio welcomes TN Visa immigration expert and author Gulam Jamal to answer the question "are you ready to pay for the wall?"

Trump’s Wall!  So are you ready to pay for it?  Taxpayers?

One of the central themes of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was to not only build a border wall, but to make Mexico pay for it.  The claim didn’t just become an applause line for Trump on the campaign trail, it was a call-and-response rallying cry.

But the Trump budget proposals revealed late Wednesday include $4.1 billion for the wall.  Reuters reported that Trump was asking for $1.5 billion for the current fiscal year and another $2.6 billion for the 2018 budget year, which begins Oct. 1.

The money will come from U.S. taxpayers and not Mexico, which has made it clear that it’s not paying for the wall.

Earlier this year, Trump backed off his campaign promise and admitted that Americans would end up footing the bill, but claimed Mexico would “reimburse us for the cost of the wall.”

A report from the Department of Homeland Security estimated that the cost of the wall would be far higher than what Trump had promised on the campaign trail.   Trump has said the wall would cost $12 billion, but Homeland Security estimated it would cost $21.6 billion and take three years to construct.

Today, host Johnny Punish welcomes special guest author and immigration expert Gulam Jamal

Immigration Expert Gulam Jamal

About Guest

Gulam Jamal, is a Canadian professional who came to the US in 2000 under NAFTA’s TN Visa  program.

The original lawyer made mistakes in his application which opened Gulam’s eyes into the real practice of immigration. So Gulam dedicates part of his time to helping Canadians, Americans and Mexicans with their TN Visa and marriage visas with low cost, highly successful do it yourself immigration solutions.

You can visit his website: TN Visa Expert  and receive a lot of helpful information.

You can download one of his most popular guides, the TN Visa Expert Application Kit to successfully create your application begin working in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Also, before you apply be sure to read Top 3 TN Visa Mistakes to Avoid  to save you from getting denied.


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