Tribulation Cometh: Church & World In Eclipse

TCK RADIO: Covering the Universal Apostasy in the Catholic Church and the arrival of Planet X with special guest Ken Van Hoof

Ken Van Hoof is a traditional Catholic who runs the website He has extensive knowledge on Catholic prophecy and Planet X and his material has been seen on various alternative news outlets including Planet X News.

 Our Lady of LaSalette:

  • “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.
  • “The Church will be eclipsed, the world will be in consternation.

TOPICS INCLUDED IN THIS TALK: his background and website, the Crisis in the Catholic Church, Vatican II, the last straw before Antichrist’s arrival, Antipope Francis, varying opinions amongst “traditionalists”, mainstream media, the jew world order, Catholic Prophecy, Fatima, the Apocalypse, signs and warnings signs all around us, are people awakening?, endtime scoffers, Planet X, earth changes, pole shift, Significance of September 23, 2017, areas most safe when the chastisements start, ufo’s, Antichrist Maitreya, keep focused on the rainbow not the storm, Faith and Hope to get through the Storm, mark of the beast, Fr. Malachi Martin, Marie Julie Jahenny, latest endtime news and MUCH more!

Donations:  This is a final push before the year is up.  For those who have been with us a month or two please get in the fight with a financial contribution for this is an information war.  Please click the paypal button and get behind TradCatKnight financially.  As a reminder, these full-length shows come to you free of charge however we maintain and grow based upon your charity.  I appreciate all your prayers and support!  For CASH, CHECK or MONEY ORDER contributions please email me at [email protected] for the mailing address.

  • Talk given 12-29-16    (aprx 1hr 25 minutes)
  • Disclaimer: Not all the views of my guests represent the TradCatKnight/Catholic position.
  • Note: Audio quality is dependent upon skype connectivity which is typically not great. Maximize the volume on both your computer and the youtube video itself.
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