Leftist Liberal Lunacy & Catholic Sabotage

Explosive talk with a frequent guest on Fox. Unmasking the liberal lunacy of our times.

TradCatKnight Radio, Gavin McInnes “Leftist Liberal Lunacy & Catholic Sabotage”

Talk given 12-23-16 (aprx 1hr)

Disclaimer: Not all the views of my guests represent the TradCatKnight/Catholic position.
Note: Audio quality is dependent upon skype connectivity which is typically not great. Maximize the volume on both your computer and the youtube video itself.

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Gavin is the very popular host of The Gavin McInnes Show on CompoundMedia.com. He also does a show called “How’s it Goin’, Eh?” on TheRebelMedia.com as well as a regular video column there AND he has a written column at TakiMag.com. You might recognize him from Alex Jones & Fox News shows Hannity, Kennedy, and Red Eye.

Warning: Gavin’s personal material is self-admittingly very “over the edge” (bad language). I do not advise traditional Catholics listen to his personal show however he is a frequent guest on Fox.

DONATIONS: Please get behind this work with a financial contribution. I rely upon you all to maintain and grow this apostolate. As we grow more and more opportunities will present itself for us to get out the proper traditional catholic perspective. For those who have been with us a month or two please get in the fight! For CASH, CHECK or MONEY ORDER contributions please send me an email to [email protected]

TOPICS INCLUDED IN THIS TALK: trump, elections, direction of the country, social justice warriors, effeminate men, masculine women, signs of the times, feminism, war on Christmas, where does the madness end? bestiality coming, the left’s infatuation with Russia, leftist logic?, how to prepare for debate with a liberal, fake news label to alternative media, censorship, pedophile rights coming?, environmentalism, attack on Catholicism, prominence of the beard, FEMEN and return to Mother Earth Worship, sabotaging christian society, liberal Vatican, gender ideology “equality” and MUCH more.

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