Debating Trump: Rolf Lindgren gives thumbs-up, Ian Greenhalgh thumbs-down


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First 40 minutes: Libertarian activist Rolf Lindgren is not just voting for Trump, he’s actually campaigning for him! What’s up with that? Listen to Kevin and Rolf go at it!

Final 20 minutes: Veterans Today Editor Ian Greenhalgh has no affection for Hillary Clinton. But he says Trump is worse – a “clear and present danger.”

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2 Responses to "Debating Trump: Rolf Lindgren gives thumbs-up, Ian Greenhalgh thumbs-down"

  1. Simpsons Donkey  November 14, 2016 at 10:10 pm

    I do have to wonder what drugs Americans are on (having heard it’s everything — uppers, downers, screamers, laughers…) and Uncle Gordon, when he could be heard from the bottom of a well, is likely on all of them. Your libtard mate is saner, but Ian has clearly been drinking at the Clinton Foundation water cooler.
    Among the many issues, the main one is that Clinton’s manifest ambition to push the button for World War Three is clear and present. For God’s sake, she went on a rant at the C-in C. talkfest, about how she will expect the nukes to fly within FOUR minutes of her leaning on the Red Button — OR ELSE! She’s also all over the ‘net spelling it out — ‘I want the government of Iran to know that If I am president, I will bomb Iran”!
    What else so you need to know?
    Well, lets do a tally — How many countries has Hitlery devastated? How many millions have died horribly because of Hillary? How many guns have al-Nusra, ISIS and Saudi Arabia gotten, because of Hillary? How many Yemeni orphans are now starving to death, because of Saudi’s Clinton-obtained weapons! Then ask the question about The Donald.
    Nuff sed.
    Rest me case.
    What is it about Americans that prevents them from concluding that BOTH these candidates were utterly bloody awful? Why do they all –Gordon, Doc Tarpley, and Uncle Tom Cobbley — mythologize one, and demonise the other?
    There’s only one attitude (which Dr Kevin displays) that allows a constructive approach to the next 4 years — to resist all the bad shit they will do, and form a defence against them carrying it out. With Clinton, that would be life-threatening. Not so much, with Trump.

  2. Jolanski  November 9, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    Looking from Australia it appears American citizens have finally regained some wisdom in electing Trump as their president.
    Trump must immediately sack ALL his CIA guard, who work for the K,M., (not America) as the War Lords, those who own the weapons manufacturing industries, will do everything necessary to protect their lucrative, government subsidized industries.
    America’s main industry, since the American Revolution has been war.
    Those running the world banking system, Rothschilds, etc., will not tolerate any president who may get in their way of globalization, look what they did to Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, etc.
    Congratulations to those who voted for Trump, just watch his back for him, as the media, those controlled by they who have been making all that money from making and selling W.M.D’s, to the highest bidders, will use every means available to either kill Trump or kill his influence on their plans to use America to dominate the world for the Ashkenazim.

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