Post 3rd Presidential Debate Straight Talk

Issue Driven Debate ends with Trump Political Nuke On American Democracy and a Nasty Woman. In 3 weeks, unlucky Hillary or Trump will be leading a broken nation fractured by corruption and cultural differences we have not seen since 1860. Now What? Listen Up!


Host Johnny Punish goes deep to explore the 3rd and final U.S. Democrat/Republican debate with intense and articulate political underground operative and self appointed defender of the public good, the one and only master of the art bass, Mister Mike Henry.

Henry is former host of the Veterans Today Live late night show “Goodnight America”.   A supporter of Dr. Jill Stein, Henry is able to objectively get into the face of Wiki Hillary and Stop & Frisk Trump without trying to defend or justify his vote.  What ensues is a deeper than MSM conversation that indicts the whole system while searching for the blue sky.

So get into it. Then post your comments here and let us know what you think

About Johnny Punish: Former punk rock lead singer from 90s underground punk band Twisted Nixon (1996-2002), Punish is now pushing his artistic boundaries into the 21st century creating diverse music with a social justice activism that matters.

Friends label Punish a global social justice warrior, eco-activist, socially responsible businessman, and syndicated writer and broadcaster.  He produces the irreverent political music podcast The Johnny Punish Show for  In addition, Punish has penned over 300 articles on freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for and other truth telling web sites.

Since 2000, Punish has delivered his global message from his self built eco-earthbag home studio dome on a dirt road with chickens.  He lives relatively free in an unfree world pledging allegiance to the earth and all the human beings.  To share the positive energy, Punish offers his 50 plus song very personal record trilogy The Strange Story of Johnny Punish, Volumes 1,2, and 3. (2000-2016).  It is available now on on Itunes,, and all digital platforms. 

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2 Responses to "Post 3rd Presidential Debate Straight Talk"

  1. Toby  October 21, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Wow…now, for the first time ever, my comments are “moderated” on VT. Wonder what they are scared of?

  2. Toby  October 21, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    I’m censored everywhere else, so I might as well be on VT. MSM doesn’t like my logic.

    Isn’t it clear that Bill Clinton is a sex addict? Isn’t it easy enough to find out about his sexual escapades by a simple Google search, like sex junkets with Jeff Epstein….and that they are continuing. Now he’s accused of having a 12 year old with Jeff’s help.

    Isn’t it clear that Hilda hates these women…not the act of Bill philandering but that they have outed her hubby by coming forward?

    Now we see the same mud thrown at Trump…his sex addiction and affinity for attractive women. I don’t like the man or his over sized ego, but will he set himself up for blackmail and extortion by having extra-marital affairs (one or more). I hope not.

    So what will or can happen in the next four years. Democrats would like to project an image of Trump that is even worse than Bill…an entitled brat that takes sex as a perk of being a “star” and that women are viciously attacked rather than throwing themselves at him. Maybe they are right.

    But what I see is Bill Clinton CONTINUING his addiction. There are allegations of a 12 year old and that Bill is a frequent flyer to Jeff Epstein”s sex island. He lied under oath about it. He bold faced lied into a camera to you and I. And he’s apparently continuing, having bimbo’s at Hillary’s own home.

    Hillary is a vindictive woman and her hate boils in her soul for the philandering hubby…and his many sex partners. For either one of them, there is no indication that the zebra has shed it’s stripes.

    So that means we are being asked to elect a hate filled woman that has attacked all of Bills sex victims (or partners) and that she will be able to make rational decisions for the good of the USA. I can’t see it. Why would she not use her power to have him followed so that she has even MORE reason to fume and hate both him and his new partners. He’s not going to stop.

    There is no way that she can make rational decisions when she has her own marriage war going on. There is no way that her decisions can be in the US citizens best interest when her “personal self” is wrapped up in rejection by Bill and his wanderlust for other women…MANY of them. Think of Monica as bait, that Hilda helped arrange.

    On the other hand Trump has a beautiful wife that can keep the jerk happy. Otherwise he opens himself to blackmail, extortion and leverage. The walls have eyes and ears…any extramarital affair will take him down. If Trump allows himself to be compromised for a few minutes of sex…well…we don’t need him. But if not, he has some valuable experience to share.

    So do we want Hilda, the scorched earth, hate filled woman with a philandering hubby that will surely continue his addiction or Trump the ego jerk?

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