Explaining Trumpsters

How can we explain the surprising electoral success of Donald Trump, especially in light of his lack of political experience, limited knowledge of and specificity about policy issues, and crude and insulting rhetoric? Who supports him and why do they find the business tycoon to be so attractive?

Analysts have identified four major features of Trump supporters.  Also read the full article by Gary S. Smith.

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11 Responses to "Explaining Trumpsters"

  1. LC  March 21, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Trump got so far ahead cuz he got this presidential advice call in….
    Obama Calls Donald Trump with Debate Advice

  2. ResistTheDarkness  March 21, 2016 at 4:22 am

    I an a recent poll Trump had the highest level of support among American Muslims of any Republican candidate (at 11%). The Muslims polled were 67% Democratic, but Trump had the highest support out of all the GOP. There are blacks and Hispanics at all of his rallies

    Johnny, Trump does not “stand” with the KKK. David Duke is not a KKK spokesman, but a very intelligent man who left the KKK at age 24, and has distanced himself from their views ever since. He also did not endorse Trump, he merely made a favorable comment.

    If I want to read PC crap I’ll go to Huffington

    • Johnny Punish  March 21, 2016 at 5:49 am

      Clearly you’re an unapologetic Trump supporter. So it’s no wonder you look the other way when he is vulgar, rude, condescending, dismissive, and insulting. Moreover, when he engages in obvious racism, bigotry and sexism you either conveniently don’t hear it or try to put some lovely Gucci lipstick on that gold laced monument to a shitty 80s lifestyle Trump Tower pig. Come on man! Stand by your man! Own it!

      Moreover, Trump has given permission for violence. Yippe!
      Heck, he will even pay for your legal fees when you punch a nigga in da face when he gives you the finger for being a total dick!
      Hey, it’s a new era right?

      For me, I am disappointed because Trump could have been a true American revolutionary. But alas, that is not really who he is. He’s no savior! He is a nasty narcissistic sociopath; a top of food chain predator who fits perfectly with pure capitalism. The problem is real leaders of men care about people and consequences. Coward deferment Trump is NOT a leader of men. He’s all about Trump! And that makes him WEAK!

    • ResistTheDarkness  March 21, 2016 at 8:11 am

      I am not a big Trump supporter, but will certainly vote for him in a Clinton vs Trump scenario.

      I was merely pointing out that his supporters include blacks who feel like they were sold out by Obama and many Hispanics who oppose unrestricted immigration. And he has the highest support of any Repbulican candidate among Muslims. He is the lone Nationalist candidate in a field of worthless Globalists. Speaking of “racism” in this “new era”, whatever that is supposed to mean these days, I have heard tons of overt anti-white remarks from the Left during this campaign. It is apparently OK to be a racist in regards to whites, or even to ‘joke’ about someone assassinating Trump. The MSM is in a frenzy trying to stop this populist candidate, so anything goes as long as its anti Trump.

      Obama was the biggest disappointment in American political history, which is saying a lot. I will with hold judgement about whether the Trump hysteria is going to be a similar outcome, but I will stand in line for hours in freezing rain if necessary to cast a vote against Hillary Clinton. They had to postpone prosecuting her for treason because she’s running for President. Only in America.

  3. DJ C  March 20, 2016 at 11:46 pm

    Mr. Punish, you keep parroting this bigotry, racism and xenophobia angle. Sorry, it doesn’t work. The only people falling for that are the ones sucking the tit of the mainstream media. Would that include yourself?

    Seriously, wanting to protect your borders is not racism. It’s nationalism.

    It seems the VT site are revealing themselves to be a bunch of closet Leftists who really hate Republicans. That makes no sense because both parties are owned by the same people. You may want to study the ‘false Left-vs-Right paradigm.’ When it comes to guys like Trump, they choose a particular party label as a venue. The “party” didn’t invite him. As you notice, most Establishment and GOP Republicans want him gone. And he can’t quite run third party because there’s no stage for that. If you want to run for office, you’re almost forced to conform the nonsense that’s been set up.

    Aside, I’d advise to step back versus publish political articles. VT really looses it’s luster when it tries to article political ideas. Just stick to military issues.

    • Johnny Punish  March 21, 2016 at 6:01 am

      TRUMP is more than happy to explain his lack of character himself in his own words and actions. He makes no apologies. I take him at face value and you should too! So feel free to stand proudly with him and own it! But don’t try to put lipstick on that pig or look the other way on his lack of moral character, it’s unbecoming of a legit discussion.

      As for MSM, what? Trump is MSM #1 darling whore appearing on MSM daily to collect his free advertising with great enthusiasm. That’s his stomping ground! CBS Moonves admitted Trump makes them tons of money. He’s a super capitalist. Not the best ever! I would put Rockerfeller way above this weakling but capitalist, sure….a man who worships profit over people. They are all whores! He gets an A. But savior? Come on! He’s no revolutionary…he’s just an opportunist who would put your ass in a concentration camp if it meant he could put his name on the white house. Get real please….. your delusions are killing me.

  4. wjabbe  March 20, 2016 at 11:50 am

    If we assume his opponent is Hillary, Trump has hardly mentioned her yet. He certainly has not taken the gloves off with her or slick There is plenty to talk about with these two and if she gets elected, basically he is also for a third term. I am also sure Trump will bring up the unfair treatment of the black Cosby couple compared to the lily white Clinton couple who are guilty as well and much much more like the charity racket they are running. Clinton is part of the Obama administration. Trump will take the gloves off with that also. But first he must get by the Rethuglicans.
    The best thing that could happen to America is for someone who is not a lawyer and not a politician to be elected. In fact, why not an ordinary citizen for the Supreme Court? Why another lying lawyer especially from Harvard and especially of that religion already over represented there. How could we do worse than the lying lawyers there now? Why not a homeless black for the nominee? Why does one’s religion seem to be a requirement for nomination to the court? I thought that would be illegal didn’t you?

    • wjabbe  March 20, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      I am not a Trump fan or supporter. But this guy is nobody’s fool. He is very very intelligent. Look, he has already received about a billion dollars worth of free publicity. All anyone is talking about is Trump. Nobody even wants to read about the other losers. Trump has been through some tough times in his life. It was not all winning. This is good experience because he would bring a totally different perspective to the office of President. This is what the thugs who oppose him likely fear. He is an unknown. And remember this: If he is elected, he will be privy to all the secrets which Obama has covered up. He will be privy to all the secrets hidden about 9/11. We don’t know what he might do with this information, but neither do the traitors in the military or former presidents know either. I doubt Trump would be in the “pardoning” mood. Only time will tell.

    • Johnny Punish  March 21, 2016 at 6:15 am

      Wjabbe, Trump is smart agree! And even a great pure capitalist. He will succeed in overthrowing the GOP at the convention. He’s one tough SOB! But I think he made a major strategic blunder in playing the XENOPHPOBIA card. He has burned too many of the electorate. He will try to backtrack during the general election and try to kiss some Mexican Muslim American babies but I don’t see it working. The damage is too great! He insulted their dignity and that’s too far!

      I think we will end of up thanking him for destroying a shitty party. Now all we have to next is destroy the DEMOCRATIC party. We will have 4 years of Hillary and the new GOP will rise and take over. Hopefully, USA can keep it together for that long without going all out civil war.

  5. sabo  March 20, 2016 at 8:49 am

    7 years of obama dismantling our country and no one says anything or protests. Unlimted war, Trillions in debt, The dismantling of our bill of rights and constitution, and all kind of unnessicary spending like trips and 20k dresses for obama daughters. Nothing, now trump runs, and hes the devil because he want to correct America’s path?! What am I missing here? Are Americans this dumb?! And if your not fro Trump, are you saying you want criminal and traitor Hillary in position?! As for no political experience and such, what did obama have to win his job? Oh thats right, Obama had Soros and all the other globalists behind him…. And they are against trump because he not a part of their ‘secret society’ – (to quote newt gingrich)

    • Johnny Punish  March 20, 2016 at 9:01 am

      TRUMP could have been a YUGE revolutionary hero for ALL the people of USA. When he started, he railed against corruption of system, exposed for all of us how he gave big bucks to all POLS for access and influence.

      He exposed MSM. Probably the first major personality to go that deep in my lifetime. Wow! A true American dis-rupter; a revolutionary man! Now, If he stayed with this populist message, he would be winning by a landslide, swayed independents, and even Democrats too.

      But then he played XENOPHOBIA card and doubled down with tacit approval and cheering for violence against those that do NOT give in to his nasty will.

      Now he alienated 8 million Muslim Americans, 50 million Hispanic Americans and millions up millions of African Americans as he stands with KKK and runs a George Wallace campaign of race baiting and bigotry. His original message of govt corruption now lost in the mire of his stupidity and low weak character.

      A yuge strategic strategic mistake! Will go down as the worst political mistake in modern history. Sucks for all of us!

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