TRUTH JIHAD: Gary Kohls, MD on the Zika hoax, big pharma, and medical corruption

Whistleblowing doc exposes corrupt colleagues


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Dr. Gary Kohls is the author of the Duty to Warn column in the Duluth Reader, where he often writes about the 9/11 inside job—among other examples of abuse, corruption, and grotesque deception of the public.

In his latest column, Dr. Kohls argues that the Zika virus scare is a false flag operation – an attempt to blame a convenient but innocent enemy (the Zika virus) for mayhem caused by the government-corporate-medical system itself. Reckless vaccination of pregnant women, not the Zika virus, is the “elephant in the room” – the obvious cause of the outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil that nobody is allowed to talk about in any mainstream institutions.

Read Dr. Kohls’ articles:

The Zika Virus Outbreak, Covering-up Another Iatrogenic Disorder

More on the Zika Virus/Microcephaly Freak-out And Why We (and President Obama) Need to Stop Trusting the CDC (will be posted here)

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3 Responses to "TRUTH JIHAD: Gary Kohls, MD on the Zika hoax, big pharma, and medical corruption"

  1. captain obvious  February 22, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    yuppers john, its “big SIS” (shared information system) in action as I tried to spell out below. I’m no genius but do know it takes a functioning mind to be able to comprehend the real conspiracy. you left out the FDA-USDA-EPA where it starts, approving the toxins we are “allowed” to intake, starting the whole poisoning for profits “game” we aren’t ever supposed to be aware of as we get bankrupted with “treatments” not covered by insurance.

  2. Bill  February 21, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    The T-DAP vaccine caused the shrunken-brain babies ( something like 1200 in Nov and 1200 in Dec )..and many doctors know it..The Synagogue of Satan was punishing the goyim of Brazil for some reason. Well, some people get Anders Brevik, some get Fukushima’d, some get shock and awed, poisoned w/DU and occupied and some ( us ) got 9-11…It’s their world I guess and we’re just lab rats.

  3. captain obvious  February 21, 2016 at 6:46 am

    no real time or ability to listen, but DO understand it is much larger.
    mid 90’s is when they started “supermarket loyalty cards” (and chemtrails coincidentally) to more individually track toxins presented as “food”. relational databases share this information to big medical, big (mandatory!) insurance, and big pharma, much of which IS foreign owned and controlled. they can prescribe to mask symptoms OR what may react badly with what has stored up in someones body. they WANTED “hillary-care” years ago, but our economy hadn’t been sabotaged badly enough for us to “need” it yet.. but here comes bungholio-bama who’d appointed multi-felon and traitor hillary as secretary of state. the writing is on the wall.

    no doubt no one wants to believe it or think it possible. I’m not “hacker capable” enough to get evidence it IS the reality, only having a small amount of schooling about relational databases sharing information across different formats and spreadsheets, but I DID understand the potential of exactly this “conspiracy theory” of harming health for profits.

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