TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele says: Electoral reform could save this election…and this nation

Can American democracy be salvaged...through an audacious plan to dethrone the two-party kleptocracy?

Robert David Steele, ex-CIA Clandestine Services and expert on open-source-everything

Robert David Steele, ex-CIA Clandestine Services and expert on open-source-everything

Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele is living proof that the “intelligence community” isn’t quite a complete oxymoron. In this interview, he argues for a plan to take back American democracy by combining a massive push for electoral reform – a nonviolent revolution, really – with a Bernie Sanders independent candidacy. Crazy enough that it just might work? Hey, I’m ready if you are! For details, check out his new article:

“Sanders for President as an Independent? The Game Plan”

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9 Responses to "TRUTH JIHAD: Robert David Steele says: Electoral reform could save this election…and this nation"

  1. stonehillady  December 29, 2015 at 6:53 am

    Bernie Sanders ? I think in a more gentlier time, Bernie might work but, these are not those times. Trump knows more, then he is letting on, being an insider to NYC everything, all his life, and to be able to shine in a very tough turf wars that resides in that city, it is amazing as a Gentile he has come this far…! We need this kind of wisdom in our future leadership, at least the Vets. and Healthcare will take center stage in domestic policies, and I do believe the Zionist are running scared sh*t, that the Donald will expose the 9/11 treason. I do believe behind the scenes Trump and Putin have already have got, lots of Ducks in order, for beating these barbaric zionist thugs, it is a very serious situation for if the buttons aren’t pushed to stop these psychopaths, the probability that someone does push the wrong button is so very real now, then ever before, so they must be stopped. Many think Trump is crude and brash but, then many don’t know even calling out Muslim’s to stop all from coming made those that are responsible for 9/11 be the first one to criticize him, namely Netan-yahoo, the Saudi’s, the Brits. and various American neocons….so Trump exposed our enemies brilliantly, this talent he has has worked extremely well and is our man of the hour.

  2. LC  December 27, 2015 at 7:38 am

    Great interview gentlemen thanks.

    Mr. Steele has much field info BUT:::

    Mr. Steele seems under influnce of much Rothschild + Sanders’ coolaides right now!!!

    As reminder::: Sanders is a Rothschild mole just like Justices Brandeis & Frankfurter in Supreme Court were who created Rothschild ZIONISM + TERRORISM right here in US by criminal activities including arranging bribery of President Truman with $2,000,000 RKM cash to create Israel by RKM’s UN.
    ($2 million 1948 cash === at least $2 BILLION TODAY CASH)!!!

    After that they brought in Irgun-Stern trrorists here (like terrorist M. Begin) to go on U.S. national TV proudly telling world they are the “BIGGEST TERRORISTS IN THE WORLD”.
    Just put in stuff like this in

    All the names Mr. Steele cited were ZIO-TERRORIST. Remember::
    “The only good Rothschild is a DEAD Rothschild”
    Here’s a short clip of who they are in
    Who Created Israel ? The Story Behind Zionist Jews .
    Or copy-past link in browser:::

    ++ To see what democracy really means please check book-quote I cited from::
    SATAN-PRINCE OF THIS WORLD by Royal Navy Admiral William Guy Carr in latest VT page:::

    Mystery Solved — The Connection between NWO Globalism and the Criminal Underworld
    By Preston James, Ph.D on December 24, 2015

    or copy-paste its link in browser:

    • LC  December 27, 2015 at 7:39 am

      ++ Only quick way out of most of today’s mess is boycott of all voting to empty & disinfect DC cesspools+ the FED+ much more as told by late statesman in
      YouTube::: George Carlin Doesn’t Vote

  3. Simpsons Donkey  December 25, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    O no! Not another pie-in-the-sky libtard who doesn’t want to pay his tax! Steele then tells us the Civil War was about enslaving the slaveowners! (that’s when I closed the window)

  4. Foci  December 24, 2015 at 11:35 am

    Some good thoughts in the responses. Here’s a few of mine.

    Isn’t what MR CIA talking about mob rule? I thought we had a Democratic Republic, not a Democracy.
    All “we” meaning the shitizens (those who are shit on by those we elect) have to do to reclaim government is to ban “bundling” and change corporate law. If it doesn’t breath air, it has no rights and no voice. Change the funding of candidates. No foreign money. No money from foreign subsidiaries or corporations or foreign citizens. set a 10K limit on personal contributions to potential candidates. Have ALL debates pumped through Public Television, we pay for that shit anyway, right? Might as well get some use out of it. 8 year term limits and no insder trading allowed (like there is now).

  5. Luther Renfroe  December 24, 2015 at 5:26 am

    we desparately need reform. we need to go back to ballot voting but THEY will not let it happen because electronicly THEY can change each vote and get away with it. when obama won there was massive fraud as 85% of county after county voted for obama when the polls showed otherwise.

  6. Wanderer  December 24, 2015 at 4:54 am

    Do you know what could and would save this country and this election? The American people taking an interest and actual physical involvement in their own g’damn freedom. And I no longer am convinced the 911 truth bomb that everybody wants Putin to drop will amount to much more than a fart in a wind storm. It is the damn petrodollar crashing that will get Americans attention. The moment they can’t draw money out of an ATM or bank account for a new piece of Chinese i-crap, will be the moment they begin to clear the cob webs. I can almost hear the whining and crying now.

  7. wjabbe  December 24, 2015 at 3:47 am

    The list of reforms by Mr. Steele fails to include at least two fundamental changes; namely, the role of lawyers in both destruction the three branches of government and their role in promoting secrecy, both fundamental issues which have had the insidious effect of destroying the ability of our government to function as the Founders intended.
    Lawyers have sordid reputations of dishonesty going way back in history. Today they dominate all three branches of our government. They are the only so called “profession” taught to lie and cheat and engage in dishonest secret activities in their training. They also promote the institution of secrecy in our government protected with the full military force and power of government against the interests of ordinary citizens.
    Two reforms are essential if any new system is to work to overcome the impending downfall of America: 1. All lawyers must be banned from holding any office or position of employment in the new government. 2. All secrecy must be abolished with stiff personal penalities for anyone or any employee seeking to prevent or obstruct of impede full release of government information to any citizen. I believe I gave Kevin a copy of the book by Earl Carey “IBM and the Corruption of Justice in America”, 1992 over a year ago; I doubt if he read it. Secrecy is the enemy of the truth. What was Mr. Steele’s review of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”?

    • wjabbe  December 24, 2015 at 4:00 am

      Our judicial system is totally corrupt as documented in the above book by Carey. Also it has a total conflict of interest in dealing with disputes between government and citizens. Disputes must be resolved by randomly chosen citizen committees, different for each dispute as recommended in the above book. Also, all government employees must be held personally responsible and pay fines personally and be jailed for any and all misconduct. The concept of impeachment for judges and presidents is far to slow and totally ineffective and renders these ordinary citizens as virtual untouchable KINGS. In the above book Mr. Carey even tried to have federal judges arrested by the FBI. He lists no less than 42 federal judges by name and location who patently and with impunity violated the very rules and law they took a meaningless oath to follow. Oaths are meaningless. We must replace them with fines and jail time just like ordinary citizens.

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