The Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Nahed Al Housani and Alexandra Meadors

Guest: 1st hour is Veterans Today Bureau Chief of Damascus Nahed Al Housani and 2nd hour is Alexandra Meadors from Galactic Connection


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One Response to "The Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: Nahed Al Housani and Alexandra Meadors"

  1. Serenity  December 11, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Mike, As a holistic RN who has studied alternative healing methodologies for over 45 years, I found your conversation with Alexandra Meadors to be most interesting. I first heard about “implants” about 27 years ago at a UFO Conference at the University of Wyoming where I also met Dr. Steven Greer who gave a keynote speech. I respectfully caution anyone concerned about the implant removal process to use a lot of discernment in choosing a practitioner who claims to do this service. Just as in any health or healing modality, it is wise to thoroughly check out claims or promises as well as the practione’s reputation, since this is a deeply experiential process. I’m sure Alexandra would agree.

    Despite the current worldwide chaos, there are indeed compassionate humans who are in service to others regarding healing & awakening consciousness. Massage Therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts & Spiritual Counseling or Life Coaches are now more more common in many communities. It starts with self-healing & reaching out to others in community. We The People are in this together…

    Tossing the TV is a great idea, Mike! It is a great tool of mind control & distortions to keep people agitated & in fear. Some powerful antidotes are “random acts of kindness” & a willingness to let go of toxic beliefs & I forgiveness. Dr. Roland here at VT has much wisdom to share in this regard.

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