Comment: How should Lebanon, Iraq and France react to the terror attacks?

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, has condemned the deadly terror attacks by the Daesh Takfiri group in Paris.

He also offered his condolences to the families of the victims of the deadly assaults in Paris, in which assailants struck at least six different venues in and around the French capital. The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks, which killed nearly 130 people. Referring to a recent deadly bombing in Lebanon, Nasrallah noted that the Middle East is also suffering from terrorism, adding that such acts only increase “our determination to fight” the terrorists in Syria.

Lebanon, Iraq and France all suffered ISIL terror attacks in the last week. However, the West has spent time, money and energy condemning, eulogising, remembering, mourning and maintaining awareness of only the attacks in France. It seems as though the West’s reactions to the attacks in France have been nothing short of knee-jerk, paranoid, unintelligent, Islamophobic, warmongering and absurd.

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One Response to "Comment: How should Lebanon, Iraq and France react to the terror attacks?"

  1. ProtectUSA1st  November 23, 2015 at 6:58 am

    The Honorable, George Galloway, MP

    David CAMERON, is acting LIKE a “PODIUM HAWK.”
     Cameron is JEALOUS of PRESIDENT PUTIN, since he ACCOMPLISHED, 9/30 to 11/20, all the 65+ countries unable to do.
     CAMERON is like DICK CHENEY was to George W. Bush, on 9/11.
     Like Dick Cheney, CAMERON with his COLONIAL BRAIN is pushing the current confused & Grieving FRENCH PRESIDENT TO STAY AWAY from MR. PUTIN, so he could INVADE SYRIA, in the process START WW3.
     The RESULT OF CHENEY ADVISE, cost Iraqis 150,000 lives, 1,000’s wounded & destroyed their country.
     Cheney Advise, gave us a 14 years war, lost almost 5000 of our troops’ lives, wounded in 1,000’s, and the Afghanistan & Iraq wars Cost our Tax ($) more than $6 trillion with a (T), and rising. Yet, George Bush’s National Economic Council Director, Lawrence Lindsey, at time told “The Wall Street Journal” that the war would cost between $100 billion and $200 billion (B).
     CAMERON you want to help– Start with1967–Israel Occupation–Palestinian’s Land & Terror, Somalia Al-Shabaab, Afghanistan-Taliban, Iraq-Shia Area, Lebanon Shia Area, Libya–148 Tribes Terror, Nigeria Boko Haram, Ukraine Civil War, Egypt On Going Terrors, Yemen-Shia Area Invasion by Sunni States & al-Qaeda, Mali Terrors by Tuareg, Turkey Terrors by PKK, Tunisian Terrors, Russia Egypt/Sinai Plane Crash Terror

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