Speaking Truth to Empire: If Americans Knew

Host Dan Yaseen interview IF AMERICANS KNEW Director Alison Weir


Alison Weir

Alison Weir

On “Speaking Truth to Empire”, on KFCF 88.1 Free Speech Radio for Central California, Dan Yaseen interviews Alison Weir, founder and executive director of “If Americans Knew (IAK),” a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Americans with information on Israel-Palestine conflict, which is misreported or under-reported in the American media. We will talk about her new book, Against Our Better Judgement and about recent McCarthy-like attacks on her and IAK.

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4 Responses to "Speaking Truth to Empire: If Americans Knew"

  1. LC  October 3, 2015 at 9:59 am

    ALISON WEIR: You are an angel & your book is priceless.

    & Here’s your NEXT MISSION if you decide to accept::

    Find out why Rothschild’s terrorist mercenaries were named::
    “STATE OF ISRAEL” & NOT Country (or nation) of Israel???
    Even youngest invented African countries of past couple years are called NATIONS & COUNTRIES not States because they’re considered sovereign nations.

    Rothschilds & his Khazarian Mafia (RKM) first invented crime joints:: IMF + World Bank in 1944 + next crime joint UN then bribed Harry Truman $2,000,000 cash to vote (in that illegal UN) to invent mercenary terrorist camp called “THE STATE OF ISRAEL” out of thin air to legitimize Irgun + Stern + Hagana ++ other WANTED terrorist gangs they’d sent over from UK & Poland to bomb Palestinians out of their homes & towns (like now with ISIS blowing up Syria + Iraq)!
    RKM plan behind this dated back to 1800s to gain full control of Suez Canal (then heart of world trade).
    $2,000,000 cash bribe of 1948 == $2+ BILLION CASH bribe of 2015!!!

    My hunch is RKM meant to create a united terrorist front under one terrorist flag as its covert (& its private) state of the United States (which itself had already been captured by RKM since their agent Alexander Levine Hamilton became their top spy pimping George Washington) & that’s why they named it “STATE OF ISRAEL” == as their private & undercover state of RKM captured USA!!!
    ++ Supporting my above hunch is late Berkeley Prof. Israel Shahak in his priceless book::”

    • LC  October 3, 2015 at 10:04 am

      “I AM A WITNESS….” that::
      “NO ONE is Israeli & Israeli nationality does NOT exist & has never existed!” Pretty much like Florida or New Mexico nationalities never existed while Hawaiian Nationality previously existed but no longer does since stolen by U.S. Now it is State of Hawaii!!
      So::: My hunch is RKM meant to steal Palestine + neighbor lands under above terror flag as a newborn undercover U.S. flagship state & begin expanding its terror & genocides as they had already been covertly doing since late 1800s by their spy terrorist Col. T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) sent there to bomb cities & passenger trains to force Ottomans give up control of region so RKM install own agents & spies as kings!!!

      Every legitimate country in the world is called COUNTRY or NATION except the illegitimate “State of Israel”!!!

      For more support of my hunch you can YouTube stuff like this:::
      YouTube: NO Israeli nationality
      Your thoughts???
      More on this in my exchange with Ted Gorsline in this VT page:
      Duff Back Alive
      By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on September 26, 2015

      Alison Wier::: Your NEXT MISSION after the above one if you decide to accept could be this::

      Find out RKM & English Royals & their bloodlines running world today are NOT humans at all but Shapeshifting Reptilian Cannibals-In-Control (CIC) as relentlessly documented by few brave people like David Icke & Jordan Maxwell & their witness testimonies.

    • LC  October 3, 2015 at 10:05 am

      If you can dig up above facts you could come up with a new book with a suggested title::: “IF THE WORLD KNEW”
      Great leads & free priceless book “The Children of the Matrix” I had linked in this recent VT page:

      Shadow of Nemesis 5: Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine
      By Jack Heart on September 18, 2015


    • LC  October 3, 2015 at 11:36 am

      David Icke’s real REPTILIAN REPORTS & BOOK I had linked was actually on this other VT page:
      Parliament Rapped for skipping debate on Netanyahu Arrest
      By GPD on September 18, 2015

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