Comment with George Galloway: Why is USA reluctant to cut ties with Saudi Arabia?


1. West’s ties with Saudi Arabia

2. Militants loyal to Saudi Arabia have killed two Yemeni children. Meanwhile, the International Red Cross warns of a humanitarian crisis in Yemen due to the brutal Saudi war.

3. Saudi warplanes have been bombing Yemen for twenty weeks without a UN approval. Saudi Arabia’s war, which has claimed many lives, has the full support of the West, mostly from the US and Britain. On human rights in Saudi Arabia itself, calls are being made from around the globe for the Saudi regime to release a prominent writer from prison.

4. Human rights groups worldwide continue to condemn Saudi Arabia’s rights abuses. Rights activists in Persian Gulf states say that they do protest against Saudi Arabia’s brutality, but that they do so ‘in fear.’ Syria has condemned Saudi Arabia’s ‘hostile’ stance on affairs in Syria. Saudi Arabia still supports militants in Syria as Daesh kills more civilians. Observers blame Saudi Arabia for the spread of instability and terrorism in the region.

Comment is a weekly TV call in show hosted by former British MP George Galloway. From downtown London in the United Kingdom, Galloway tackles the very toughest international issues with no fear and great passion. The show is produced and featured on Press TV. It is broadcast around the world. Official PressTV Comment Videos on >>>

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