Free American: Free Energy

Paul Pantone and Clay Douglas Discuss free energy.

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Well before Waco and Ruby Ridge, inspired by Hankk Williams Jr. “Country Boy Will Survive” I was publishing a Magazine called “High Country” from the foothills of the Sierras in Placerville CA.

It was there I met Paul Pantone.  He had a little Briggs and Stratton motor with a strange carburetor attached. We loaded it into the back of my Bronco and drove it around to gas station and demonstrated it running everything from waste oil to Coca Cola.

He called it GEET. The Friendship  continued and his invention appears in many documentaries where free eneergy is discussed.

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11 Responses to "Free American: Free Energy"

  1. Renaissance  December 14, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    One day man will know that permanent magnets are the result of self-sustaining flows of aether. Even what is commonly thought of as electricity is nothing more than an aetheric wind which is attracted to conductive materials.

    Also, all magnet and electromagnetic waves and fields, which fall off as the inverse of the square of the distance, diminish as they do because these waves and fields have a spiral nature and it is this spiral nature that acts as a brake to cause a diminution of force.

    Longitudinal waves, however, have no spiral component and do not diminish.

  2. captain obvious  July 20, 2015 at 4:53 am

    existing sewage treatment plants modified to harvest methane (burns clean) could provide up to half household electricity, it is not being persued, and our rivers would be LOTS cleaner.
    nuke plants retrofitted into geothermal wouldnt be too darn difficult (how many on faultlines?)
    auto manufacturers mass producing PMA’s (permanent magnet alternators) could provide jobs installing and maintaining when necessary, but wont happen for big energy profit loss and all the taxes attached to our electric bills, a definite conflict of interests.

    they DID sabotage our economy, meaning WE are less productive and polluting less too, with lower demand for electricity we sure DONT see our billing rates dropping, welcome to corporate-government controlled serfdom!

  3. Aziz Khalfan  July 17, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Scientific dog chase the tail is when scientists debate issues of things like a magnetic mono-pole. Maybe it will be found one day however interesting things happen when you create pole-less magnetic fields, the B-Field.

    This field is obtained when you take 2 horse-shoe magnets and you clasp N to S of both magnets. The field then is an endless loop without a N or a S but a directional field WITHIN the steel of the magnets, even a razor blade will not attach to the magnet now and the whole apparatus is just some iron.

    A steel ring with a coil wound around it works the same as the horse-shoe magnets but as an electro-magnet you can make it as strong as you require. Again since the circular magnetic field is WITHIN the steel ring there is not much you can do with it.

    However if you construct your electro-magnet as a circular Halbach Array, then B-field will now be forced either inwards or outwards of the steel ring, depending on how you want it, away from the steel.

    Suppose we have forced it inwardly, the B-field now will be circulating inside the empty space of the ring.
    If you suspend an ordinary rectangular magnet over the inside of the ring now your magnet will rotate like crazy.

    This is a kind of a Hadron Effect but you can put it to good use.

  4. nawlins  July 13, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    The thermodynamic law is a smokescreen. Line up a piece of wood, a lump of coal, a vial of hydrocarbon liquid, a magnet, a D cell battery, a spent nuclear fuel rod pellet. All these items have one thing in common. The energy contained within them was put into them when they were created (either naturally or artificially). Even the magnet has an amount of energy measured in “guass”. A magnets energy will eventually give out and it will de-guass, just like a fuel rod becomes “spent” when it gives up enough. After that it must be recycled. A magnet must be “flashed” with a lot of power to make it into a strong magnet again. (Ive seen photos of the machine, impressive). So a magnet uses energy over its manufactured lifetime and then gives out. Doesn’t sound like it’s violating any thermodynamic laws to me. The Aussies have already figured out how to make generators out of them and have many operating prototypes.

  5. Aziz Khalfan  July 10, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    Uncle, the world needs more Gravity-Wheels not Nuclear Gravity Bombs man.

  6. Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 10:23 am

    If we have not been able to invent a simple Gravity Wheel all these years there is no chance of us ‘stumbling’ blindly on self-driving feed-forward electrical generators or their principle of operations.

    Talking closer to home, we have not been able to improve on the existing power supply generation in any meaningful way. The rotating magnetic field AC generator, the frequency and voltages of operations, the basic transformer design, the number of phases, all these and more were discovered and designed by Tesla and have remained unchanged since the infancy of the electrical industry.

    Surely there must be a way of improving this existing system somehow without resorting to ‘free-energy’ power generators ?

    Could our engineers modify the prevailng AC generators such that the back emf is designed such that it becomes forward emf and use it to self-drive the power generation operation ?

    It is beyond high-time since we dumped both the nuclear and fossil-fuel as the basis of electrical power generation because by careful design one can use the magnetic field generated by the load current to provide the motive force to drive the entire operation.

    Such devices are feasible and their design is simplicity itself.

    • Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 10:27 am

      The current bottle-neck and impasse are caused by the following academic fallacies:

      1. The 20 basic equations postulated by James Clarke Maxwell in his Electromagnetic Theory were replaced by 4 basic equations that we use today and whereas Maxwell used quaternion mathematics for his descriptions these were replaced by vector calculus. No one has come forth yet proving that what was done was the right thing to do.

      2. The dimensional analysis of the electro-magnetic quantities do not tally as they do in physical science. A new intepretation of dimensional analysis is required so as to be consistent with the electrical theory.

      3. The Laws of Thermodynamics are irrelevantly used to dismiss ‘free-energy’ devices despite the fact that in physics there is no way to describe the kind of work a magnet does when it is stuck on a beam of steel without falling simply because the accepted definition of work has to have motion as part of its manifestation. These laws are always quoted by ‘experts’ whenever they need to dismiss even sound theories that offer an explanation
      into the workings of free energy devices.

    • Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 10:29 am

      In fact most of what we call ‘free-energy’ devices are not even ‘free-energy’ in the commonly
      excepted scientific jargon but rather devices that channel existing energy into controllable way and hence puff goes the The Laws of Thermodynamics as an unnecessary impediment towards free-energy devices.

      I believe that in the spirit of Michael Faraday that the free-energy devices will not be presented to us by some prestigious University thinker but by a common man, a tinkerer.

      ‘In the future we shall recognize that space and time are also forms of energy and we shall hence harness them to do our bidding’.

    • Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 10:33 am

      Varieties of Gravity Wheels:

      The cornerstone of free-energy devices start with Harris’ The Theory of Magnetic Instability (TOMI) for therein is the insight into self-driving feed-forward electrical power generator. Google for it.

    • Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 12:32 pm

      Scientists are confused with the Void. And just like the Devil it goes by many names such as Aether, First Matter, Empty Space or the Vacuum.
      They like it known as the Vacuum.

      They are also confused with light, thinking that it is a seperate entity and not what it actually is as a property of matter. For in the Vacuum there is NO light, energy manifests itself as light only in the presence of matter. No wonder they suspect the missing energy in the universe as some exotic matter called dark-matter.

      They also mistakenly assume that the vacuum is devoid of ‘everything’, including energy. Or they wish it were so.

    • Aziz Khalfan  July 9, 2015 at 12:36 pm

      Apparently matter being energy then, in physics, to know everything about a particular he material or element only its dielectric constants need be known in order to know everything about it. These are the permeabilitty and the permittivity constants and their ratio define opacity to energy/light as well as the speed of light thru the material and the refractive index. This ratio in old books was known as the complex intrinsic impedance with units of Ohms.

      As it turns out the Aether also has quantifiable value of this impedance which is not zero as we would have expected from non-matter or emptiness implying that the ancients were correct in naming the aether as ‘first-matter’.

      Given that the aether too has a definite value of this impedance then the aether is a physical entity and it is also a form of energy.

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