Truth Jihad: Mainstream journalist Paul Williams takes red pill with “Operation Gladio”

To understand Gladio B (war on Islam post 9/11) you need to study Gladio A (war on anti-NATO Europeans 1950-1990)


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bn3q-square-400Dr. Paul L. Williams has taught humanities at Wilkes University and the University of Scranton; published ten books, including several bestsellers, with mainstream publishers; worked as a journalist for USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and National Review while serving as a regular guest on such news outlets as Fox News, NPR, and MSNBC; and worked for seven years as an FBI consultant on organized crime. He even served as a terror consultant for Family Security Matters, an arch-neocon propaganda megaphone.

Paul Williams is also an honest man and a skilled journalist and researcher.

Something had to give.

Williams’ new book Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia is a multi-megaton explosion of truth. Copiously documented, it details the rise of the CIA drug mafia – the biggest and baddest narcotics outfit on the planet – and its vast money-laundering operations, including its use of the Vatican as a financial base, and its ongoing wars of false flag terror, assassination, coups, destabilizations, and mass slaughters of peaceful activists. This isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s fully-verified and inarguable conspiracy fact. And Williams isn’t afraid to name names – despite the thousands of journalists, investigators, cops, magistrates, judges, and others who have been murdered to cover up these crimes.

In this interview we compare the CIA’s narcotics-financed Operation Gladio wave of false-flag “leftist” terror to today’s Gladio B wave of false flag “Muslim” terror; detail the assassinations and overthrows of recent popes and other criminal potentates; and explain how this freemasonry-based organized crime cabal is trying to take over the planet and inaugurate a “New World Order.”

Here is my friend John Duddy’s review of Operation Gladio:

Customer Reviews Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia

by John Duddy

Prepare to be stunned. Following World War Two, in business together were the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia. Pope Pius X11 and friends created the Vatican Bank and started laundering drug money for the CIA. Lucky Luciano and the Sicilian Mafia helped the evolving CIA to create a huge money laundering scheme to pay for terrorist attacks that plagued Europe for many years, killing and wounding thousands to prevent leftists from taking over governments. The Vatican Bank provided funds for CIA to help overthrow leaders and social movements in many countries of Europe and Latin America etc. Imagine, the Australian government ousted in a coup.

Read about Vatican banker, Roberto Calvi hanging from Blackfriars Bridge, read about rogue popes, Mafia Dons, Henry Kissinger, Clinton and Mena. Read about the October Surprise when CIA/George H. W. Bush arranged the Reagan election in a conspiracy; read about Negros and narcotics, secret societies, false flag terrorism, the murder of a Pope.

The mess we find ourselves in today can be partly explained by this on-going conspiracy. And the damage continues well into the new century. The author is Catholic; he pulls no punches about the cover-up of pedophile clergy; he is not thrilled by the elevation of John Paul the Second to sainthood.

Prepare to be stunned.

Which country is the top terrorist country in the world?

Who are the top drug dealers in the world?

Name the biggest money laundering banks in living memory.

This book is a top notch read, with footnotes and index. Great work Paul L. Williams.

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6 Responses to "Truth Jihad: Mainstream journalist Paul Williams takes red pill with “Operation Gladio”"

  1. LC  June 14, 2015 at 9:49 am

    Awesome interview Dr. Barrett.

    Re: Free Money discussed by Mr. Williams: I linked a couple real proofs of them in recent McDuff page called:
    “The F#cking Criminal Bankers and Military Industrial Complex….!”

    Here is one of them where a top Ausi Freemason offered a free-money credit card to David Icke @ Min. 45 in

    David Icke The Reptilians the Schism Obama and the New world Order

    I contacted him to see if I could borrow it for a couple months but no response!!!

    ++ I also listenned to several your recent interviews. All awesome. especially the one with the CIA Guantanamo torture whwhistlebolwer.

    ++ I had heard Mr. Williams interviews couple months back on other programs (may be Coast-2-Coast or Tom Hartman) & have this to add:

    Two nights ago (June 12th, 2015) C-2-C George Noory had a Freemason guest who was obviously also a Satanist. The guest kissed asses of Fremasonry for their services to humanity!!! (I guest by genociding couple hundred millions couple centuries!!!).
    George Noory jioned in the ass-kissing cerimony & became evident that Noory is also a Freemason & possibly a Satanist & may be even a member of the Bohemian Grove of Cannibals.

    I had previously here on VT serveral times written that until about early 2014 during C-2-C shows an anouncer said: “To comply with California disclosure laws listeners should now that George Noory is an active member of the United States Shadow GoverNment and in Good STANDING”. But this was broadcast only in

    • LC  June 14, 2015 at 9:50 am

      But this was broadcast only on their 640AM radio not in their live stream or in the archived versions some of which are released on YouTube after censorship!!!
      Few times after I wrote that detail here on VT George Noory stopped that announcement & I haven’t heard it ever since!!!

      Thanks again.

    • LC  June 15, 2015 at 11:20 pm

      @ 44: Freemansonry is a slow intro into worshiping Satan:

      @ 64: 90th degree of Masonry:

      The Secrets Of Freemasonry Exposed

  2. DGSE  June 13, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    Great show.
    Thanks Doc

  3. moneytalks  June 12, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    “… how this freemasonry-based organized crime cabal is trying to take over the planet and inaugurate a “New World Order.””

    … should be for greater certaincy

    [ freemasonry-based { satanic judaism } organized crime cabal…]

  4. Grampah  June 12, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    The interview and the book are an education which should be required of all, particularly in the US. I’m old enough to recall being puzzled by many events. The truth of which Paul Williams documents the “parts left out” of the MSM. I recall my trying to put the blame on minor actors.

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