Saddam Capture Reveal and Middle East Future with Combat Veteran Ayman Hatkwa

U.S. Army combat veteran Ayman Hatkwa reveals truth behind capture of Saddam and discusses the real future of Middle East with host Johnny Punish.

Retired U.S. Army combat veteran Ayman Hatkwa reveals truth behind capture and interrogation of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, his opinion on Islamophobia and the domestic terrorists who incite violence against law-abiding citizens in USA.   Of course, he engages and discusses the future of Middle East with rockin’ host Johnny Punish.

saddumbHatwka served in U.S. Army for over 17 years. He is highly decorative at the highest levels of the U.S. Military.  He was “personal friends” with Saddam Hussein; well not quite friends but you’ll get it once you listen to the show to find out how he and Saddam became “besties”

Hatwka, who is currently working in the security field at the highest levels in the USA and Middle East discusses the future of the Middle East as he see its on the ground from the working people to the very top of the political and global corporations that have vested interests.  This is a do NOT  miss show!

Go U.S.A.! Go Team People!

U.S. Army Interrogator Ayman A. Hatkwa with captured Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein (posted by special permission Ayman A. Hatkwa)


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3 Responses to "Saddam Capture Reveal and Middle East Future with Combat Veteran Ayman Hatkwa"

  1. LC  June 6, 2015 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks Mr. Punish:

    SF presentation was going well until @ Min. 51 when he blew his cover by throwing in the biggest masterpiece of DISINFORMATION of the YEAR that ISIS belongs to Assad regime!!!
    Surely this was not just a slip-in-piss. It was real intentional & intended to stick as reality & you let him get by probably since you didn’t wanna interrupt his ZIOPERATOR chain of talks!!! Right??? But he blew his cover as a ZIOA-AGENT.!!!

    ISIS == ASSAD cuz I say so == You R either with us or with the terrorists

    He must’ve gone through the MK-Ultra factory!!!

  2. Bill  May 28, 2015 at 6:30 pm

    Saddam’s wife ( and it’s backed up by photo analysis ) said ” that’s not my husband..” It seems Saddam died in the first wave of obscene bombings.. He died leading his country against an unjust, unnecessary, illegal and totally unjustifiable invasion.

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