Goodnight America: Southwest Mad Max Water Scenario Predicted by NASA

California Uber Drought Discussed with Author of Dreadnaught: DH Peligro of Dead Kennedys / Red Hot Chili Peppers (EP005)

Goodnight America 5

* WARNING:  Explicit and Strong Language

News Topics: NASA Predicts Mad Max Scenario in Southwest, Conversation with DH Peligro About California Uber Drought, Dreadnaught, Prison Labor, Gov. Jerry Brown & Other Domestic Issues, Unions Protest McDonalds for Union Dues of Underpaid Workers Paychecks, Police Still Corrupt & We Celebrate Bob Dylan’s Birthday with Previously Unreleased Cover of Abandoned Love by Dramarama… 


  1.  Fantastic Coincidences- Kristian Harlowe
  2.  Drip Drip Drip- Chumbawumba
  3.  Good Night, America (Reprise)- Dramarama
  4.  Bury Me With It- Modest Mouse
  5.  Deeper Water- PiL
  6.  Los Angeles- Peligro
  7.  Sum of Our Surroundings- Peligro
  8.  I Am the Owl- Dead Kennedys
  9.  Fight Like a Brave- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  10.  Something’s Got To Give- Beastie Boys
  11.  Yin & Yang- Jah Wobble/ Keith Levene
  12.  Intelligent Guy- Butthole Surfers
  13.  Abandoned Love- Dramarama

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One Response to "Goodnight America: Southwest Mad Max Water Scenario Predicted by NASA"

  1. rtb61  May 28, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    No so much drought as the threat but disruptive volcanism contaminating the headwaters of many critical American rivers, making them unusable for quite some period of time, sufficient to completely disrupt the populations and economies dependent upon them. This sooner rather than latter.

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