Future of Middle East with Sami Jadallah

U.S. veteran and Arab Peace Corp founder discuss future of middle east and prospects for success in coming decades


Host Johnny Punish talks future of the Middle East, Arab Peace Corp, Domestic Politics and its’ influence on the future of the Middle East with VT Writer Sami Jadallah.



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2 Responses to "Future of Middle East with Sami Jadallah"

  1. David Odell  May 21, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    Sami is right, there should be a Peace Department. We loved the story of Cubans sending doctors to the ebola thing. America does do many rescue or Aid missions, but the Department of Peace should be a official body in our govt.

  2. ayelyahbenjamin  May 21, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    It is my hope that all in positions of power listen to this as the case has been tried in the court that matters, truth has hits the goodness in hearts of men in positions of power sitting on their hands with the ability to stop this now
    I will place my feet where my heart and mouth is and stand on the bow flying a flag in the name of peace, into the Port of Gaza, entry and landing. America must stand up to this, provide an American flagged ship flanked by Russia and China, all nations with naval presence surrounding for the good of all, demilitarization and surrender of a lie and no-one needs die, just give it up for peace and for all humanity, Demilitarization comes with an end to this whole Rothschild Khazarian world dominion insanity attached to evil driving it..
    Rothschilds flag offends and disgusts at what it truly represents, it has fallen.
    One state a New Palestine, new flag…a humble admittance for all who choose to stay on, with room for all and the rights of return…, new understandings as the shackles of generational lies fall from minds held under them. walls come down, walls of lies, new understandings as the land will once again prosper and grow and flourish and produce abundance for all as it had in times past…. On arrival a Peace Corp also established in Jerusalem young men and women from all nations with representation with a Jerusalem secured for all, by all….as love radiates out from the center to all nations…let me be there ..at the helm

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