Truth Jihad: Legendary police chief David Couper talks police shootings & solutions

Chief David Couper brought humanity and spirituality to American policing


When Marine Corps veteran David Couper took over as chief of the Madison, Wisconsin police department in 1972, he stepped into the middle of a virtual war between police and antiwar protestors – and quickly de-escalated the situation, turning one of the nation’s most violent police departments into one of the most peaceful and restrained. (Unfortunately “the times they are a changin’ back” as Madison has recently seen apparently abusive police killings of civilians Paul Heenan and Tony Robinson, and has become a lighting rod for protests.)

I’m not a big fan of police, but David Couper (like Frank Serpico) has been a hero of mine since I was a teenager. He embodies “earned authority” as opposed to the abusive, psychopathic authority that is unfortunately becoming the norm. It’s an honor to interview the man I would nominate to head a Commission on Police Reform.

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2 Responses to "Truth Jihad: Legendary police chief David Couper talks police shootings & solutions"

  1. wjabbe  April 28, 2015 at 5:06 am

    Are the mostly blacks currently rioting in Baltimore terrorists? The National Guard has been called in to help restore order. Looting and burning are going on. Doesn’t Biden need to return to his cesspool home for a visit now?

  2. Chandler  April 25, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Cops view citizens as defiant enemies. The black man with the broken neck more than likely came from and overzealous “bubba” cop latching on to him and not moving with the victim. The hold did not move with the victim, or the cop moved the other way and snapped his vertebrae.
    Cops are no longer public servants as they profess. They are trained to see each one of us as potential resistants. My wife was stopped for exceeding the speed limit of a school zone. The way the officer talked to her was embarrassing. After he was done with his tirade. she casually reminded him there was no school that day, and he stood there with his mouth dropped down over fat gut that was hiding his mace.
    He quietly walked away, and never even said sorry. My wife, who was disabled in a car wreck many years ago, laughed all the home. She laughed while talking to the chief of police.
    Cops are insulting. I am sorry I am forced through taxation to pay them for their errant and unprofessional behavior. If anyone needs their guns taken away it is these arrogant cops. They0 protect no one. They issue tickets because of a quota they must meet every month.
    As all blacks know, beware of the cops. Is it any wonder why they run out of fear of what 4-5 “brave” officers can do to one black man? I wonder if they have ever heard of treating people like a human being?

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