Free American: US Extermination Programs with John DeNugent

Free American Show

with guest John DeNugent

We Americans were born in a country founded on a violent and treacherous land grab from the original inhabitants, who themselves did not deal in real estate sales or mortgage fraud. Virtually every treaty made by the US government was broken by the US Army, which conducted the first modern extermination program, today known as “ethnic cleansing.

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One Response to "Free American: US Extermination Programs with John DeNugent"

  1. Luther Renfroe  June 26, 2015 at 5:10 am

    Who’s really in control of earth, like the reptilians and all those in power holding satanic child sacrificing rituals. facts are facts and the truth cannot be denied. By the way clayton, maybe you should read Preston James’ the beast 11. That is a piece that speaks loudly of what is truly going on. I expect disclosure of aliens to happen within two years but probably between sep-dec. Humanity must wake up to certain facts.

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